Author Marketing Package


Submit Book for Author’s Package – Featured Book & Audio Book Listing, Award Evaluation, One Audio Book Contract and Celebrity Author Interview with Magazine Promotions…

I would like to add, this is very inexpensive considering what you get. I designed it this way to help. We all get drug through the ringer with everyone wanting our money. I am the first to acknowledge that and recognize the need to attempt something a bit different. So while this package costs a little bit, you will be thrilled when you have accomplished it. Why? For one very powerful reason. You will get to stand right beside some of the greatest Celebrities in our Magazine with a promotional piece which you will then be able to market your brand with.

What author could ask for so much for so little?

1: Featured Book Listing:

Your Book & Audio Book will be listed as a featured book on our website and promoted to over 250,000 readers on social media sites.

2: Award Evaluation:

Next, your book will be graded by Infinite Offspring Films & Higher Destiny Productions to determine if it is Award Worthy with the potential to make a good movie.  If your book is successful, you will receive an award which can be used to market your book as an Award Winning Book and you as an Award Winning Author.  You will receive a certificate and award emblems for use in marketing if accomplished.

3: One Audio Book Distribution Contract:

Next you will be offered a contract by Seventh Sense Publishing for one book to be Produced as an Audio Book and then distributed for worldwide sales.

4: Celebrity Author Interview & Magazine  Featured Article:

Lastly, you will be interviewed as a Celebrity Author and featured on the front page along with a featured spot in our international Entertain Us magazine.

This package is designed to assist the Authors of today in promoting their own brand as a professional author and also to put them in front of a minimum of a quarter of a million readers.

Author’s package – $49.00



This fee covers the Author’s Package listed above.

Your book & audio book will be featured on the Featured Book Section of this site. Also your book will be promoted to over 250,000 readers on social media. You will receive a contract with Seventh Sense Publishing to have one of your books produced as an Audio Book and then distributed for sale. You will be contacted for a Celebrity Interview along with a featured spot in our international Entertain Us magazine. If you have any problems, please contact me at For Multiple books just repeat the steps for each book. Again, if you have absolutely any problems whatsoever, feel free to contact me at


Authors, after you have submitted your payment above, use this form to send a synopsis of your book and an introduction of yourself as an author. Be descriptive and don’t worry about it being too long. The longer the description the better.





Someone will be with you shortly to make arrangements for your Author’s Package…