Seventh Sense Publishing


If you have a book that you have self published or a book you are about to publish, consider signing up with Seventh Sense Publishing.

We will market your book to build your brand.  If there are no sales of your book then we don’t make any profits, it’s that simple.  Now, if that makes sense to you then you can see why it requires a lot of hard work from us to make it happen.

We will begin marketing plans which evaluate your book, then make suggestions, if needed, and then proceed with marketing projects to build your brand.

While we would prefer not to ask for any fees, the projects we will initiate on your behalf are costly, we will cover the work to put them in those projects and we will ask for a one time fee which will cover those expenses.  So we will be partners with you in building your brand.  You provide the initial investment of $100.00 and we cover the manpower and know how to get the job done.  Our profit will come when we generate sales of you book from our hard work.  This means we are investing in your book by investing many man hours into your book and contributing our knowledge to make it happen.

You will get to see the results of our work as profits from your book and your brand  continue to grow.

While that is ongoing we will be seeking translators to forge translations of your book into a number of languages.  We will then sign them up with our distributor who will begin to sell those translations worldwide.  So this will increase your possible customer base by leaps and bounds.  We will not charge you any fees for this process but instead will split royalties of the foreign language books with you.  The distributor, the translator, the author (you), and the publisher (me) will then split all the royalties.  This will help to grow your brand on the world stage.

The next step will be to turn each of your books into audio books.  We will accomplish this with contracts with producers at no cost to you but royalty splits with the audio book distributor, the producer, the author (you), and the publisher (me) on audio book sales.

Next we will accelerate the ad marketing of your book(s) on amazon and other places.

We will feature your books on our site year round as featured books at no cost to you.

Since your only fee is used to pay for the beginning stages of advertising and marketing, we do not make any profits from your books unless there are sales generated.  This insures that we have to continue to work hard on your behalf which is also our behalf as we will be partners in your books.

If you aren’t successful, we won’t be successful.  It’s that simple…if you like what you are hearing, then simply click on the contact button below so that we can look at your book to decide if we will sign you or not.  We do not accept all books because it requires a lot of man hours to accomplish and we don’t want to waste your money and our time…








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