Higher Destiny Productions

No one associates us with the normal as we prefer to reach further than normal with our talents...
One of the most versatile productions companies in Oklahoma. We can handle any size project if given the budget. Nothing is beyond our expertise. We handle any of the normal projects in film to common day time weddings with our staff. We can produce a smaller production of a commercial for TV or we can move up to Music Videos, TV Shows, or even a full featured Movie. Nothing stands in our way…

With award winning Director/Producer Guy Lozier at the helm, nothing is beyond our reach…

Contact us for information on your project. We are very versatile in our prices as each project requires diverse understanding of the problems one can face in accomplishing.


V.I.P. Guest at the Red Dirt International Film Festival at OSU in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Even special effects makeup is available for our productions.

Special Effects is not an issue either. We have the software and know how to get it done.

Actors from Hollywood is not an issue either. If the project calls for it, we can make it happen.