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Having released his 18th book titled Growing Up Mayberry “”Just The Facts”” Volume One “”Leverage””, a true life crime book involving high profile politicians, law enforcement agencies, and business leaders of the town/state/county of Mount Airy aka “”Mayberry”” from Andy Griffith’s TV show and city/state government, Guy is working on the second book titled Growing Up Mayberry “”Just The Facts”” Volume One “”“Annihilation”” in which things take a right hand turn deep into the maze of the Twilight Zone even further. Neil’s story was featured on the Fox News Network on “”The Buckley Report”” by Bob Buckley. Working with Neil Shelton, speaker by Invitation at the Dirksen Senate Building in Washington DC for The 2018 Whistle Blower Summit, whom those two books are about, Guy is becoming a sought after commodity for speaking engagements concerning Family Court and Parental Rights Issues.

Not to mention his campaign from the past involving his powerful book titled The Seventh Sense which leads right into the future evolutionary changes of humans along with the secret history of the human species and the planet itself. Guy is working on providing workshops to further his work on these topics surrounding the book “The Seventh Sense”.

Then his other book Assassinating Custer taken from the Manuscript of William D. Nugent, a close friend of General George Custer. This book sheds light on the secret war of President Grant’s administration against the Indians and Grant’s false flag which was designed to remove General Custer from his sight. William D. Nugent not only survived the battle of Little Bighorn but he was threatened with life in prison or outright death if he were to speak about what he saw leading up to and including at that battle. William remained angry for 40 years as he watched his close friend’s name being drug through the mud over and over again with outright lies.

Guy’s writing has been called pure genius by many. Gaining multiple S.A.B.F. Gold Literary Achievements in Fiction and Non-Fiction along the way. Some say his writing can be overly complex at times but well worth the reading. It stems from his life of studies in physics and philosophy, having spent much time working with potential dimensional realities moving beyond the 3D in conceptual consciousness. This, along with his purported extra-ordinary experiences, account for his insight into other dimensional realities and the beings that one might encounter there.

Guy grew up in the small towns of Oklahoma, raising horses in his back yard. Getting up early before school to ride his favorite mare named Raven gives him warm memories still. It was later after marrying and starting a family of three kids that he opened his book store. His favorite hobby was reading and before he knew it he had read over 500 books.

His favorite genre was fantasy series. Mix in a couple hundred adventure and western novels to round things out. Soon he was writing novels himself. Later he began to produce and direct film projects.

He prides himself on taking his time to personally communicate with all his fans. One of his main points he makes to those that know him, “Always treat others the way you want to be treated.” Searching the internet for famous quotes, you can find Guy quoted a number of times. Guy’s favorite is “The ripples we make today turn into the waves of tomorrow.”

You can find Guy at events autographing books or doing photo shoots with fans. Reach out to Guy and say hi as he always makes time to reach back out.

Guy also is a local Oklahoma Producer, working on film projects ranging from TV Shows to Music Videos to Full Feature Movies with his company Higher Destiny Productions.

Having his own Publishing House also helps Guy with all his personal publishing needs.

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You can simply request special rates depending on your needs. Guy is very flexible in regards to his speaking engagements always leaving the door open to assist where he can…