About Me

cropped-guy-lozier-smaller.jpgWinner of multiple S.A.B.F. Gold Literary Achievement awards in both Fantasy and Non-Fiction. Guy loves the life of small towns. He was born in 1962 in Oklahoma. Most of Guy’s life was spent in small towns and small schools. As Guy got older he bought a book store propelling him into Fantasy Series Collections. Guy has read over 500 series novels in Fantasy as an avid reader over the years.

Guy ended up starting his own production and media companies which led him into writing.

Guy’s readers have proclaimed his writing as – “Pure Genius with complexity, imagination and twists to spare.”

Quote: “I hope you love my worlds as much as I have.” —Guy Lozier

As a Director, I get to work on film projects.  It takes a special eye and understanding of the flow of events, not to mention the understanding of emotional content which can play out across the spectrum, to perform properly as a good director.  Not only that but one must be a good communicator as it requires many others working to bring your imagination to life else no one will see it but you…

As a Producer, I get to work on film projects, book projects, music projects, and many others.  As a Producer, I get to plan a lot of projects and how they flow to then emerge as pieces of a whole when working on larger projects and how to conclude as quickly as possible the smaller ones.

Often times we find ourselves needing things we don’t have currently so as a talented Director or Producer many times you have to understand the dynamics of issues you have never worked on.  So as I work on more and more projects, my skills expand to greater heights of interwoven tools which can overcome nearly any problem.  This has made me a powerful manager in the world of business in the past as managers are required to handle situations on a moments notice.  Situations which they might have never encountered even in the slightest combinations.  This can only make us stronger and wiser as life goes by.

Quote “Make the Ripples Today that turn into the Waves of Tomorrow.”  —Guy Lozier