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There’s Blood on the Streets of Mayberry…

Growing UP Mayberry “Just the Facts” Volume 1 LEVERAGE gives a glimpse into the other side of America’s Hometown of Mount Airy (also known as Mayberry), North Carolina that most never experience nor could imagine experiencing.

Andy Griffith was born and raised in Mount Airy, North Carolina. There have been plenty of interviews and conversations to suggest that Mount Airy was the basis for the Fictional Utopia called Mayberry, as well as interviews and conversations that it wasn’t the basis for Mayberry other than the names of the people and businesses.

The Andy Griffith Show represented everything that was right with America…always teaching a lesson with each and every episode. Justice, Honesty, Kindness and doing what is right were the driving factors to create the said UTOPIA of Mayberry.

The Andy Griffith Show filmed its last episode in 1968 and has never been off the air since its first episode.

This true-life story picks up in 1970 and takes you along the journey of William Neil Shelton, a former life-long resident of Mount Airy, North Carolina aka MAYBERRY.

With this story you can trace the Moral Decline of America which put us as a Country where we are today.

The rise of Corruption, False Allegations, Cruelty and Total Disregard to Human Life and Rights is the other side of the Mayberry you will see.

This Unbelievable but documented and vetted story is told mainly by the very paperwork that was used to destroy William Neil Shelton.

All the names are true and the documents have not been tampered with so the paperwork tells the bulk of the story.

Volume 1 “LEVERAGE” will take you through the first part of William Neil Shelton’s story.  The Embezzlement and ILLEGAL actions of the Mount Airy Police Department, District Attorney, Surrey Bank and Trust, to name a few, and stops just short of any Divorce issues.

Volume 2 “ANNIHILATION” is coming soon.

 This is another mind-bending Journey in itself.

“This ain’t Andy’s Mayberry anymore”

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Author Guy Lozier


I have not experienced the negative issues that Neil Shelton has. I have not known such agonies of heart and mind. I am not qualified to discuss the turmoil and destruction that has befallen my friend Neil Shelton. I can only sympathize with his cause and do what is within my power to help him. That is why you are reading my words today.  I have chosen to stand with Neil so that his story can be heard.

A strong man’s heart will melt when confronted with the horrors of their family and friends’ grief. So I have shed tears on my keyboard after months and then years now of investigating Neil’s story. There is no denying the atrocities which have occurred against him. There is no looking away. To do so would make me less than human. I would become nothing more than a cold hearted beast if I were to walk away from his story now. If I were to set it down and walk away, I would have to be a monster.

That is just how horrific this story is. I will attempt to sum up my take on what has transpired to Neil in a short set of paragraphs designed to show my disgust at a system which repeats this process over and over again across our country. But Neil’s story is an exceptional piece of work. Neil’s story brings the politicians out of their dark corners to allow us an inner peek into their lives, not to mention some judges and district attorneys who allowed their selves to get involved. Even the local law enforcement combined with local business managers and owners. They acted for money, control, power or for ego. None for any good reasons though.

It’s the same type of logic our military used to get those soldiers to do evil acts when they would generally have refused. To stomp baby’s heads in with the heels of their boots or the butt of their rifles as their commanders in the field told them, “we can’t take any prisoners nor spare any bullets, stomp their heads in with the heel of your boots or the butts of your rifles to put them out of their misery” after they had just raided a village of women and old people in Viet Nam having only the babies and very young crying in the mud and rain. In private those commanders had planned this mission to send a message to those men who had been sniping our men in the jungle. But in the case of Neil’s experiences, it was all for money mostly. Or at least that is how it began. Later for many of the participants, it turned to control and ego. This was some of the events which prompted our soldiers to be spit on and called baby killers once they came back home. Yet most don’t understand how they were directed with logic to do those horrible things. The commanders knew but that was the control they so loved to hold over those soldiers.

A short summary of what took place would go something like this:

Neil was having trouble with some of the local business owners, the Bank and the City did not want his new business to succeed. His business plan for the auction would cause a lot of people grief and financial hardships with lost business revenues.  They began to find ways to try to stop Neil quietly. Soon they introduced and were using a local convicted Embezzler to steal monies and properties from Neil and cause mayhem in Neil’s life. The use and or involvement of local Law Enforcement by using False Arrests and False Allegations as LEVERAGE is bad. The use or involvement of the local District Attorney’s Office and the Court System to persecute and prosecute Neil to the point of ruination with False Allegations for LEVERAGE is even worse. Setting up the early stages of their tactics which repeat themselves throughout every book in this entire story.

Once the dust has settled and with Neil keeping the evidence of all their complicit acts which translates to R.I.C.O., we now are watching as Neil pursues these evil doers to Federal Court Systems enforcing R.I.C.O. laws.

This will not fare well for those who have committed such heinous acts against Neil. This will bring retribution down on them and their system.

So, if you pay close attention to Neil’s story which follows my minor statement here, you will find tons of evidence which proclaims all the dismal acts of those villains in N.C. where Neil grew up.

May God Have Mercy on Their Souls if they are deserving of such!!!!!!




Author Guy Lozier


Wow…after following all the documents and evidence that Neil has presented, it leaves little doubt in one’s mind concerning the ill intentions and illegal actions by so many individuals in Mount Airy. Not only that, but their schemes in which they are all connected to each other, covering each other’s butts. No matter where Neil turned he ran into their secret members. From the city to the local law enforcement to local business owners to state government.

So many were involved in attempting to ruin Neil’s life. No matter where he turned, he could not find relief from their actions. Going to the police to only find them working with the banker. Then going to the local mayor to only find her working with the local city. Going to the state rep to only find her working with the very ones that had been ruining Neil already. There was no justice to be found in the whole state. Not to mention the local D.A. and judges who were more than willing to turn a blind eye away when the truth was so evident. Then to find so many in the local police force willing to participate in gang stalking events.

Neil found himself living, not in Mayberry any longer…no…he found himself crawling through the deepest and darkest shadows of the Twilight Zone. The American Dream had been snuffed from his reality to be replaced with a hellish nightmare of gross indifference and torture of the mind at every turn. Watching as the criminals, daylighting as: police, D.A.’s, judges, mayors, bankers, customers, neighbors, employees, friends, state representatives, attorneys, court clerks, along with many others, showed themselves as the true demons and devils hiding in plain sight but now he could see thru their disguises. No longer to walk through life smiling but instead treading in fear of his every step, wondering when they would leap out to attack with illegal charges based on lies and manipulation with no truth behind them.

All in the hopes of shutting him up, pushing him into depression or suicide, or some other quick method of handling overwhelming enemies and helplessness in the face of a network of conspirators. There was no end to it all until Neil was taken care of…One way or another.

This book is only the beginning. They were not ready to allow Neil to survive. Not with Neil having witnessed so much of their network in action. Each member of their secret group stood ready to act depending on how they might be needed to finish off Neil, no matter what position they held in the community. Their community was more than Mount Airy Neil was soon to find out. The story hasn’t even begun yet. But as you have seen, Neil’s life was torn to shreds already. It was all more than the common man could handle. Yet Neil is not your common man. Neil stands above the usual victim they had encountered in the past. They had chosen the wrong patsy this time. Yet they didn’t know that at the time. Neither did Neil. Neil was intent on ending it all as quickly as possible with little in return. He just wanted a normal life again. He only wanted to raise his children in peace.

They refused to allow even that. It is now time to fall into the rabbit hole. Not Alice’s rabbit hole…no…this rabbit hole is found smack dab in the middle of “The Matrix” or “The Twilight Zone” or one of those Science Fiction or Fantasy movies. But alas no…Neil would not find peace. No matter whom he turned to for help as things began to ratchet up. Soon murder and attempted murder along with terrorism and federal perspectives of action would be aimed directly at Neil in an effort to stamp out his life. To teach him that he was no one. That they can do whatever they want in their state and there was nothing Neil could do to stop them. They control the whole state all the way to the Supreme Court of North Carolina.

You think this book was a story of injustice against Neil Shelton? Well…you haven’t seen anything yet. That was a Sunday stroll down pleasant lane. What is coming in the next book will blow your mind into the next universe. You have been warned…There’s Blood on the Streets of Mayberry and this ain’t Andy’s Mayberry no more…be sure to get a copy of Growing UP Mayberry “Just the Facts” Volume 2 “Annihilation” which should be out very soon.




Author Guy Lozier

Guy’s writing has been called pure genius by many.  Some say his writing can be overly complex at times but well worth the reading.  It stems from his life of studies in physics and philosophy, having spent much time working with potential dimensional realities moving beyond the 3D in conceptual consciousness.  This, along with his purported extra-ordinary experiences, account for his insight into other dimensional realities and the beings that one might encounter there.

Guy grew up in the small towns of Oklahoma, raising horses in his back yard.  Getting up early before school to ride his favorite mare named Raven gives him warm memories still.  It was later after marrying and starting a family of three kids that he opened his book store.  His favorite hobby was reading and before he knew it he had read over 500 books.

His favorite genre was fantasy series.  Mix in a couple hundred adventure and western novels to round things out.  Soon he was writing novels himself.  Later he began to produce and direct film projects. 

He prides himself on taking his time to personally communicate with all his fans.  One of his main points he makes to those that know him, “Always treat others the way you want to be treated.”  Searching the internet for famous quotes, you can find Guy quoted a number of times.  Guy’s favorite is “The ripples we make today turn into the waves of change tomorrow.”

You can find Guy at events autographing books or doing photo shoots with fans. Reach out to Guy and say hi as he always makes time to reach back out.  His personal email is

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