Just Published my new book The Dragon Realm

The Dragon Kingdom 5

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My new book is out as of yesterday.

Partnering with Joel Akwete, I have presented our story in all its glory.

This is a wonderful story that anyone can relate to. With Jackson Buck struggling in modern times Egypt trying to develop his work as an engineer. Jackson develops a dimensional/time shifting device on a tight dead line.

Failing to make the deadline he is labeled a failure. As Jackson is very young still, he takes it to heart and laments his position in life by withdrawing from what he is good at, engineering. Turning to his father he finds that he is also adopted. Now he learns that no one knows who he really is or where he really comes from. No one knows who his parents are. He was found floating in the ocean as a baby. No wreckage to see, no other boats. Just the strange fact that a baby is floating in the middle of the ocean. This leads him to taking up fishing which is his adopted father’s life work. Taking his father’s boat far into the ocean with other fishermen, he decides to drink his troubles away. But the world has other plans for him.

Life is about failures and successes. Learning how to cope with the ups and downs of life. But when time and dimensions no longer have meaning, then figuring out failures and successes can hold a whole new meaning.

Jackson Buck is not from Earth. But Jackson doesn’t know that…

No one knows where he came from. His adopted father only knows he’s special. After he grows into a man, creates a dimensional/time shifting machine, does he finally learn who he really is and where he came from. Will he accept his destiny in time to save the ones he loves or will they all fall to the invading Giants who seek to devour all the lands?

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