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I just released Dante for publishing…It will be up for sale at all the major internet outlets soon…you can catch chapter one up on Royal Road tomorrow i believe…woot…soon to be released in audio format and then on to translating for multiple languages…very cool…I love this story…btw it is my second horror story…<smile>…

This story is an alternate time-line saga where the heros are not born of Light but are drowning in Darkness. As a protector of Earth steps forth from the Light, her influence along the time-line causes a Y of epic proportions. It is only later as this new time-line corrects itself to rigid interaction and then flexs to become the only time-line do we find how Earth can be saved from an inevitable set of events called The Apocalypse…

The guardians of planet Earth have their hands full as the Apocalypse approaches. One particular protector has found what appears to be the only hope of survival for planet Earth’s population from the Demons that will threaten to over run the lands. While many of them are considered of dark origins and evil intentions have ruled some of them their whole existence, it is the right moment along the time line that can change their future for the better. At least that is her hope.

Book One of The Dark Heros Saga brings the origins of Dante to life. From his lowly beginning of a park ranger, he will find a new purpose to his existence. Once he encounters the evil ones of the night, his life will be transformed. If not for the love of a woman and the guiding hand of Van Helsing himself, Dante would likely have stumbled his way into unending darkness and despair.

Book One holds the story before Van Helsing arrives to begin Dante’s training as a protector. As our story unfolds in later books we find new characters come to life with new origins and life lines from an alternate time-line of existence. Dr. Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, and many others are recreated in this future Apocalyptic Series where Hell will spill over into our Reality

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