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Thank you,Guy, for inviting me to your blog. It is lovely to have this opportunity to talk to your readers.

I have lived most of my life in Australia but I was born in London and migrated to Australia in my early twenties. It wasn’t until I retired and moved from Sydney to Queensland that I finished my first book, Missing in Egypt. This became Book 1 in the Anna Davies Mystery Series, followed by Missing at Sea and Missing in London.

In between I wrote Dangerous Associations, a crime mystery and Winston – A Horse’s Tale, one for horse lovers from teenagers upwards.

Before I retired I had started writing but never finished a novel. Of course in those days it was written on a typewriter so it required much more planning in terms of the storyline and also the formatting. It is so easy now with computers to turn paragraphs around or even to move whole chapters. I find the editing and formatting much harder and more time-consuming than the writing.

When I’m not writing or reading I play tennis, walk on our lovely beaches or around the river or lakes and swim. My husband and I are lucky to have a great circle of friends through our tennis club and spend many hours socialising, taking it in turns to cook for each other. We also enjoy travelling around Europe. Horses are still my passion, although I no longer ride.

One of my favourite websites is Goodreads, where I have connected with some wonderful authors and received lots of tips and advice on everything from marketing to book recommendations. It is also an easy way of keeping track of the books you have read. Some of my favourite authors are Bryce Courteney, Kate Morton, Dick Francis and Fiona Walker – but there are so many others as well. Rebecca Bryn is a favourite indie author along with Sarah Stuart.

About Rita Lee Chapman

I was born in the UK and migrated to Australia in my early twenties. It was only when I retired that I wrote my first novel Missing in Egypt, a romantic travel mystery and the first in the Anna Davies Mystery Series.

This fulfilled a lifelong ambition for me. In primary school I wrote long stories but since then my writing had been restricted to business correspondence, press releases and letters home to my family!

Missing at Sea is the Book #2 in the series and Book #3 is Missing in London.

Winston – A Horse’s Tale tells the story of an Australian horse’s life. Told by Winston himself it relates his experiences, as well as those of other horses he meets on life’s way. It is for horse lovers of all ages, from teenagers upwards and is a book I was passionate about writing.

Dangerous Liaisons is a crime mystery.

Missing in Egypt, Missing at Sea, Missing in London and Dangerous Liaisons are also available in Large Print editions.

Visit my website at

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