The Movie ‘The Seventh Sense’ starts production in Sept. 2018…

The Seventh Sense Movie Poster 11x17 - 4
A documentary covering new techniques in regressive hypnotherapy exploring the 6th Sense capabilities of humans and discussing the next evolutionary stage of humanity showing the development of the 7th Sense…

We have had this film in preparation for production for a little over a year as we continued to develop our production team and sign up our star and hypnotist Steve Crawford.  With the assistance of Heartland Hypnosis Center in Shawnee, we will begin shooting in September of 2018.

We will be exploring many topics in the paranormal: including esp, clairvoyance, bi-location viewing, future time immersion, past time immersion, past lives immersion, in between lives immersion, genetic consciousness immersion, reprogramming within the genetic mind, unconsciousness, super consciousness, focused consciousness combined with personality evaluation, as well as many other topics such as healing modalities under hypnosis.

We will be utilizing new techniques discovered in recent decades which appears to have opened new doors of discovery of the human capabilities and capacities.  Not to mention the hidden knowledge and secret knowledge which has been kept away from humans to keep us from knowing our potential.  To keep humans programmed in limited slavery to systems of control and manipulations from outside…

We hope to explore these topics to find which ones are relevant and real using these new scientific techniques.  With our professional hypnotist Steve Crawford we will delve into these questions with volunteer’s.  Our own production staff; including Damon Blalack, Guy Lozier, and Marisa Colston, with others, will put their selves on the line in pursuit of this knowledge.  While these topics are so far out in what is termed left field, we have to remember that new discoveries in Physics in very recent years has determined that human’s consciousness is creating their very own reality around them and they are not even aware they are doing it.

Other new discoveries in the sciences show that our own reality is nothing as we believe it to be but closer to being an actual holographic set of energy fields that we are manipulating and creating with our unconsciousness.  Also, reality appears to be closer to a 2D expression but our minds interpret it as a 3D environment.

Warning: The following is only Guy Lozier’s views and should not be construed as any of the other production staff’s or anyone else’s views or ideas.  Nor are they associated with them in any way.

“We have also discovered new texts of the most ancient writing on our planet which predate the Sumerian times and the earliest advances of civilization which clearly shows our religious texts came from them but have been edited.  The majority of the edits show that in the original writings, humans called aliens Gods.  After the edits in writings such as the current book called the Bible, the old testament writings now show us calling one being a God instead of different aliens being titled as different Gods.

With this new information we can now proceed to explore the ramifications of this knowledge and what has truly happened to humans along the way.  Why did we ever call aliens God and why did we edit it down to one God in recent history?  We hope to utilize these new techniques in regressive hypnotherapy to find the answers to many of these controversial topics.  To find out if we are only being manipulated more into believing something with no foundation for nothing more than confusion of our species as has been done so many times to us.

To look into these topics can be hard as many turn away when you look at religion with a desire to find absolute answers unvarnished by other individual’s beliefs or views.  But if you evaluate history, you find that those that desire to control followers of religions always create boundaries and rules which preclude anyone from looking behind the curtain of knowledge proclaiming them heretics or liars if they ask even the most basic questions about the religion.  In Christianity, if you ask the leaders of the churches about the real story of Abner from Jesus’ days, you will be told that the topic will not be discussed.  You see, Abner was the chief apostle of John the Baptist.  Now when John died his apostles went to Jesus and asked him what they should do.  Jesus instructed them to start the churches.  He gave them instructions on what to teach and how to set up the church.

So everything went well with runners from Jesus’ camp conversing with the churches regularly and Jesus mission continued until his death.  After his death on the day of Pentecost, Peter stood up in front of everyone and proclaimed, “I understand now, Jesus is the new sacrifice.”

The problem with this statement is that Jesus never taught that.  Abner stood up to Peter and James along with the others apostles about this statement and told them to stop repeating that as it was against Jesus’ instructions for the church’s future operations.  But Peter was loud and stood strong in his new beliefs about Jesus’ purpose for coming and ended up blackballing Abner to shut him up.  The disciples all agreed that Jesus told them so much information that if they were to write it all down that the books would stack to heaven but that they did not understand hardly anything he said to them because of its complexity.

So if you ask the leaders of the church in modern times what happened with Abner and Peter, they will tell you that this topic will not be tolerated in discussions with the church.  This is because the edited version of Christianity requires Jesus to be the new sacrifice where Jesus explained there did not need to be any sacrifices any longer.  Jesus even declared that “Know ye not that ye are Gods?” and that the only way into the kingdom was with belief.  No sacrifice was required.  All attempts to make it appear that way have been edited into the bible to make a religion of limitation to keep individuals trapped in it with guilt and a new enemy, the devil and his demons.  Jesus even told the apostles not to write anything down as humanity would make a religion out of it and stagnate their development along the evolutionary plan.  Which is exactly what happened because of the manipulation of the religions on our planet.

While this information is hard to look at for many, it is this type of knowledge which will lead individuals out of their religions to seek answers and a one on one relationship with God unvarnished by other’s beliefs or views.  Don’t you think that God is powerful enough and a loving parent with infinite patience and understanding for his children that he will gladly show anyone who asks what the truth is?  But if you say this to some leader or follower of a christian religion, you generally are going to receive a hateful and negative reply about how the Devil has deceived you and God will not show you anything because you are saying that Jesus’ death on the cross did not accomplish redeeming us.  This is one of the valid reasons to look at his information in an attempt to find the truth.  I believe we can research these topics and information along with many other modern topics to find the answers we all desire…”  –Guy Lozier

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