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The book ‘The Seventh Sense‘ covers the beginning knowledge which assists the individual to develop the Seventh Sense. What happens after the individual settles into the understanding of their own self empowerment is referred to as the Advanced Knowledge.

The advanced knowledge clarifies with insight the evolutionary path of the genetic template and also the Etheric Being residing in the genetic template. I am contemplating workshops to bring forward the advanced knowledge for each…any who would like to participate in workshops on this topic please contact me…

What follows is my post on the Wingmaker’s Chat Site in the UK…

Of course there is much more to the story…this book is only the tip of a great structure which sits just out of sight…a small candle which sits over there…nearly out of our view…quietly lighting the path of each that walk near it…patiently directing each one to find one of the entrances to that hidden structure just there hiding in plain sight…

The advanced knowledge awaits…the knowing of the process of the future steps…

There are a number of individuals who have experienced the identity shift?…there are some who have experienced the resonance of the 7th sense as it begins to form in earnest from the Toroidal Field in the head area?…should those that understand begin to form the groups that fracture from the majority to assist in the acceleration of the process bringing the future into the NOW?…should those that are working to co-create the split in the time-line stand up to action by joining with others knowingly now?

The path that removes the quantum fields of resistance to wholeness which bypass the interface so that the infinite self can directly hook up to the 7th sense?

Or do we simply sit in non-reaction and allow the programming to proceed as planned? Continue the path of absolute enslavement of the infinite nature into duality? These two questions are absolutely incorrect as the intrinsic goodness will inevitably flower and overcome any system of impediment…so the real question is…are we tired of duality? do we desire the path of unity?…each must choose their path…there is no judgement…those that take the path of duality are brave ones…I however prefer the path of unity of which my purpose here is plain to behold…

I can use all the assistance that I can get…but I directly choose to walk the path of unity…to co-create the fork in the path which splits the time-line yet allows the accelerated path of unity over the accelerated path of duality…pick your path and then suffer the consequences of walking that path just as I have to suffer the consequences of walking my chosen path……

Live in the Light…


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