New scientific discoveries point to human’s unconsciousness creates reality…

In the later decades of the Twentieth Century it was discovered that a human’s consciousness somehow effected reality, electrons in particular.  It was during experiments in physics that it began showing up and then persisted throughout all trials to prove it to be the case.

How this was shown?  Simple in many ways, it was during tests of electron flow through slits like looking through a window and then measuring how electrons flowed through this window (slit).  The detection devices would show electrons behaving in specific methods when people were present during the experiments.  But as soon as everyone left while the experiment continued, the electrons began to behave differently.  This, of course, caught the scientist’s notice and then prompted many many experiments which has proven that the consciousness of human’s cause this change in behavior of electrons in this reality.

So, it is a well known fact of the 20st century that human consciousness effects our reality as electrons make up matter in our reality.  Of course there were many other experiments which showed how human consciousness changed everything in reality with new types of equipment which continued to find new ways that consciousness effected reality.  But the key factor in the experiments was that no one could figure out how we as humans were accomplishing this and that it appeared to be automated as we could not control it with our conscious mind.

Now in the early beginnings of the Twenty-First Century, brand new discoveries are proving that, not only does human consciousness effect reality but the human consciousness creates reality.  Or more precise, human unconsciousness creates reality.  As the individuals in the experiments were not aware of creating their own reality which has shifted the understanding that it is human’s unconscious mind which is creating their reality and unknowingly so to the individual’s consciousness.

This knowledge is shared in my book ‘The Seventh Sense’ along with many other facts about human’s potential and how to unlock that potential so that the individual can begin to knowingly co-create their reality and begin to live the life which has been called ‘the mystic’s life’ in the past.  It is no longer a mystery concerning how these things work.  Pick up my book and learn how to unlock your potential to learn how to consciously co-create your reality.

This book is considered one of the most powerful books on the planet currently as it releases to the individual the hidden knowledge which has remained beyond the reach of humanity in the past.  It is time for humanity to embrace it’s potential and allow the evolutionary step which resides just beneath the steps we trod today.

See what others are saying about my book:

Anna Freeman
Format: Kindle Edition
Keep an open mind when you plod through this complex guide to life on planet Earth. For the most benefits follow any guidelines and utilize the tools. You won’t be the same again.
Alison Crago

13 February 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This book I highly recommend. It takes you through some of the rarely discussed aspects of this planet’s history, the elaborate ‘afterlife’ dimension, what has occurred in secret, and that we are in-fact locked inside a kind of genetic space-suit that has been manipulated. It provides this powerful overview so we can understand why certain powerful practices and techniques will help us begin building the 7th sense that leads to the higher Self we have always been.

If anyone has been a reader of the WingMakers they will recognize some words and phrases here and find elements of the 5th Interview of Dr Neruda – except this goes into further detail.

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