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I have posted a number of stories lately here on my site…most of them really had negative information within them so I decided to stop posting the old stories about our reality and begin to post stories which will assist us to leave behind and forgive and forget the old paradigm which we grew up in or lived in…here is a post I just left on the Wingmaker’s site…it is designed to assist the individual in understanding what they are so that they can awaken and truly experience aspects of their selves which resides outside of time-space…so that we can unify and leave duality behind…here is the post..

Hi everyone…it is good to see and feel you where ever you are…

I found in a post here on the site something from Starduster in the messages under “The Weather Composer: The Battlefield is Born” under the topic “I AM WE ARE”…and the message posted there gets right to the heart of the matter…

Consider being trapped in an endless looping of lives…live a life…die…awake in the afterlife…live another life and die again…over and over and over again…the recycling prison…

Now consider this…the senses on the body…genetic template…space suit…or whatever you desire to refer to it as…lock the focused consciousness of the individual into a reality with the stimulation of the senses of that space suit…the data from the senses are so loud and invasive that the individual that is exposed to the senses data believes that the body is them…that the place that is sending the data is actually their reality…

How to get the individual which is in the genetic template or a sleeve in the spiritual planar reality to understand that they are being recycled in a holographic set of energy fields bound by a time system of illusory experiences or the spiritual planar reality which is a programmed A.I. system combined with others that are tricked or deceived into believing specific things in order to control all within that system. The quantum breathing is a technique which allows the focused consciousness to sense and experience momentarily this very fact…

Social Intelligence: Consensual Reality
Overarching the mind and heart realms is the infinite consciousness. In the WingMakers materials it is referred to as the Sovereign Integral consciousness—that which is simultaneously connected to earth and infinity (I AM), and all life (WE ARE). This state supersedes the mind and heart—encompassing them both.The mind uses words, images and numbers to communicate. The heart uses feelings and empathy. Our consciousness uses behaviors. This is an important, if not key understanding, because our consciousness oversees our mental and emotional states. It is the larger sphere that encompasses the mind and heart. Thus, consciousness is that part of us that is infinite and boundless. It is not contained in brain matter, body tissue or even the emotional energy of the heart. Yet it is individualized as us.

The Sovereign Integral consciousness identifies with us as individuals and the collective us as all. As it pertains to us as individuals, it orchestrates us—the parts of us. It is the unification cord upon which our various “pieces” like the mind, emotions and body are strung. And while our minds speak words and our hearts express feelings, our consciousness expresses its presence through behaviors.


Yet there are other ways to understand this same knowledge…this is the purpose of my book ‘The Seventh Sense’…not only that but to assist the individual to become self empowered and develop the seventh sense on their own as they have the perfect teacher and the only teacher worthy of their time…their higher self…or as Starduster’s post plainly shows…our Infinite Consciousness expressed in individualism…<smile>…

accelerate your path…get my book… … 292&sr=1-5

Live in the Light…

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  1. mikepuskas

    The simplicity through which analogy has been presented allows the individual to gain the understanding to help realise their true potential. Great work!

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