9/11 Terrorist trained near Tulsa Oklahoma…

One day I was talking to a man who worked at a flight school up near Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I believe he said he was from a flight school in Bixby, Oklahoma.  I asked him if he had heard anything unusual from those in the flight industry about 9/11 as I had heard a lot of unusual stuff surrounding it.

For instance, before 9/11 I had read articles where people along the east coast were complaining that Israeli AWACS were seen flying up and down the coastline.  Now, that is illegal.  Israeli AWACS are bound by law not to enter our country for any reason.

AWACS, abbreviation of Airborne Warning And Control System, a mobile, long-range radar surveillance and control centre for air defense. The system, as developed by the U.S. Air Force, is mounted in a specially modified Boeing 707 aircraft.  The AWACS are the system that not only provides radar surveillance but they also provide the connection that is used in case a plane is ever hijacked in America to take control of the hijacked plane and land it by remote control where ever is decided to land it.  So with this information, no one is capable of hijacking an American plane and get away with it.  We simply use our AWACS to jam the hijacked planes communications so that nothing goes in or out that we do not control by our AWACS system and then we use a man on the ground who uses the AWACS system to take control of the hijacked plane and fly it to where ever they decide to fly it to.

So, if you know this about all commercial planes in America, then you will know that the supposed hijackers of American commercial flights could not have done what our government said they did.  We would simply take control of those planes and land them where we want.  But instead of the normal taking place, someone took control of those jets and flew them into buildings.  This does not make sense.  Why would anyone within the AWACS system want to take control of our commercial planes and fly them into buildings?

But this would account for why someone wanted Israeli AWACS on American soil at the time.  Would Israeli’s desire planes to be flown into American buildings?  Many would argue that at the time the answer to that question was a massive and resounding YES!!!!

Now that is a very long story and involves hundreds of Israeli spies running around America following agents home, pretending to be Art Students and all of those long stories not to mention the emails that came in the morning of 9/11 to nearly every single Israeli that worked at the Twin Towers and told them not to go to work that morning because planes would be flying into those buildings.  This story was on the History Channel explaining the FBI was investigating those emails.  So this is very much a true story guys.  Also the janitors in the building had been reporting the strange events going on in those buildings at night with groups coming down the inside of the building shutting down the security system and installing cables inside the walls all through the buildings.  Not to mention the reports of Israeli’s staying in a very high up area in the building bringing in equipment which matched items that might be used to demolish buildings.  I personally saw photos of them with these boxes of devices stacked to the ceiling on both sides of the rooms with only a pathway between them to move through those rooms.

Also let’s not forget that after 9/11 President Bush went to congress and asked them to pass a law that would allow Israeli AWACS into our country to help us patrol our skies for awhile.  Now Senator Byrd, the old man, he argued with President Bush.  I listened to him argue when it happened.  He said to President Bush that we had tons of AWACS already in service patrolling our skies and that we had so many AWACS in service which was handling the job just fine that we had, and I believe he said over 20 extra AWACS at OKC Tinker Air Force Base alone that we didn’t even need to use.  Senator Byrd argued saying President Bush was wrong to ask for Israeli AWACS to come into our country.  No one could understand why he would even be asking for such a thing.  But he had supporters that gave him pretty much anything he wanted back then and so he got his way.  But I knew why Israeli AWACS might be needed into our country now.  How were those other Israeli AWACS going to get back out of our country now with all the high tensions and high alerts ongoing in our country.  It might be easy to slip those AWACS out of the country if there were a number of them coming into the country legally now.  That made a lot of sense.  I remember telling my wife that about the whole thing as I watched Senator Byrd arguing against President Bush’s request.  I also remember President Bush sitting in that grade school on 9/11 with the children as they read from their books and President Bush followed along with the book he was holding as they read the story.  The only problem was, the book President Bush was holding all that time, was upside down…<smile>…go watch that film if you don’t believe me…hehe…

The stories go on and on and on surrounding Bush, Chaney, the Saudis, those buildings and the Israeli’s whose hands were all over the pies…<smile>…but since I wasn’t there, I can’t say for sure what happened nor who did it.  I haven’t even mentioned the investigation that was ongoing at the time against old man Bush at the time of 9/11.  Shame that the evidence against the Bush family was in the FBI offices in one of the towers and across the way at the other building that…oh my…woops…was demolished also…crap…no proof against them…and how about the guy down in Florida, I think it was Florida, who owned a gossip rag and right after 9/11 his offices were discovered to have Anthrax at.  The old man died later from Anthrax that owned that paper.  His wife claimed he was about to run a story about President Bush with a photo of him from Bush’s ole skull and bones days at Yale? I believe it was, with him in a coffin she said doing something to another guy in that coffin.  You know the ole system they used to control their members…the aspect where they took pictures of them doing things that would get them like fired from jobs or whatever was needed to make them look bad if they didn’t tow the line…lol…You should ask yourself if you don’t believe that one…why would the FBI confiscate the old man’s computers, which btw his wife claimed held the images of Bush jr doing his skull and bones gig…<smile>…

But anyways, back to my story about the flight school…

The guy I was talking to claims he worked at the flight school in, I believe he said Bixby, but he was angry about something that happened there to his best friend.  His best friend owned the flight school.  He explained that before 9/11 there was a foreign man who the C.I.A. sent to train to fly in their school.  After 9/11 the government named that man a terrorist and one of the ones who stole planes and flew them into buildings.  Then he said the C.I.A. came back around after 9/11 and told him that he could never tell anyone that the C.I.A. had paid for that man to train in his school or he would find himself in prison or worse.

So, it appears from what he told me that the C.I.A. paid for one of the named terrorist of 9/11 to train to fly in Bixby, Oklahoma at the flight school there and then threatened the owner of the school that he could never tell anyone that their asset had trained there or he would suffer the consequences of prison or worse.

Wow…that was an interesting story right?  You bet.  But then it is one we have heard before in that our government continues to do crazy things and then lie and kill and deceive to cover up their tracks.  Or at least that is how it appears from his story.  Since I don’t know the answers but have to rely on the story he gave, I truly don’t know if it is true or not…


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