Aliens on top of mountain near Lima, Peru…

tarapoto-2845889Back in the early eighties even my father had been down in Peru working for an oil company off deep into a jungle just outside of Lima.

He had met a woman while he was there and ended up marrying her later.  I was staying with my father after they moved back from Peru to stay in Tulsa.  One evening I was chatting with my father and his new wife about different things.  My father told me of a story about when he was on the drilling rig one day and the geologist walked up and was talking to him.  Suddenly there was a loud ZZZZZ sound that got louder and louder until it ended with a loud thumping sound as he watched the hard hat on the geologist fly through the air landing a ways off with a large dent in it and the geologist was knocked down.  He watched a large bug with a hard shell, about 8 inches long with horns, wiggling on the metal floor nearby while the geologist just laid there unconscious.  Then he showed me some samples of the bugs which he brought back with him.  Wow they were monstrous things.  Never seen insects that big here in America.

After looking the shells of these insects over he told me how one day he was walking through the jungle out by the rig along the bull dozed path when not far away a large jungle cat came out and stopped to look at my dad.  My dad only had a walking stick and so he was not prepared to defend himself against such a large predator.  He said he nearly peed in his pants but luckily for him that cat wasn’t hungry and after a minute of so just strutted off into the forest without a second thought.  So I asked my stepmother if she had ever seen anything unusual in Peru.  She told me that UFO’s were a common thing in Peru while she grew up and lived there.  I asked her if she had ever seen an alien and she explained that she had not but then told a story which she thought I might enjoy hearing about her family experience from her side of the family back when she lived in Peru.  She had been a professor of English there in Lima at the University.  She was not known for making up false stories so you can be assured that her story is truthful as far as she goes.

But she began to explain by telling us that everyone knew that aliens lived up on a mountain there in Peru, right outside of Lima.  I asked her how everyone could believe something like that.  She explained that it was because every day nearly everyone down in the city of Lima watched UFO’s going and coming from the top of that mountain.  They had been watching them for years nearly every day.  It was common knowledge back then.  Of course today I have no information about what is common knowledge.  So she continued her story.

She said that her cousins, two men, had made up their minds that the coming weekend they were going up onto the mountains to meet the aliens.  So they prepared and when Saturday morning rolled around they made ready and set out on the all day trek.

My step mother explained that right after lunch they showed back up.  Now this was a bit too early so everyone was asking them what had happened and if they were ok.  They replied that they had traveled about halfway up the mountain when suddenly they began to be shocked by all the plants.  But they tried to push on and go higher.  They said that the higher they made their way that the plants began to shock them harder and harder until they could not take the pain any longer.  They were forced to turn around and head back home empty handed.  They were upset and very disappointed.

But that is the story of the aliens on the mountain right outside of Lima Peru.

I have heard many stories from South America about UFO’s and how they are a common sight down there.  The further south you go the more common the sightings daily become.  I couldn’t tell you the truth of it though myself so I suppose we’ll just have to take their word for it.

Stay tuned, I have many many more stories.  Tomorrow I will tell the story told to me right after 9/11 about how the C.I.A. paid to train one of the named Terrorist in a small flight school right outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma in a town named Bixby, if I remember correctly, and then the C.I.A. showed back up after 9/11 to threaten the owner with prison if he ever told anyone about them paying for his training there.  That’s just a bit over 50 miles from me.

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