American Oil Company hires Hitman to take out inventor in South America…

After 9/11 I began to ask people I interacted with if they had experienced anything unusual in their life.  You would be surprised at how many people have very interesting stories from their lives which they are wanting to share with someone.  Even if those stories will get them killed or endanger their lives.  So, just me repeating them is a risky business I know…

With that in mind I will refrain from taking a large risk and reduce it by not telling the name of the petroleum company outright but leave it to your logic and wisdom.  It’s not hard to guess at all but I don’t want to publish it outright to cause myself untold problems and maybe even my own death…<smile>…

So one day I ran into a man that I was helping fix a company truck here in Cushing, Oklahoma.  I asked him the question.  Have you ever experienced something unusual in your life.  But before I had asked him that I had been discussing high mpg systems and a few experiments I had been involved in concerning them.  So when I asked him the question, that had just been our conversation right before the question.

Of course his answer was “Yes I have!”

So he told me his story.

He explained to me that he used to be an executive working for one of the largest oil companies in the world which starts with a T…<smile>…

One day he was notified that he was required to attend a behind closed doors meeting.  So he attended as directed.  He claims that in that meeting the higher up executives were discussing a man in South America who had developed an intake system for cars that was producing large success by allowing cars massive miles per gallon.  Now since petroleum companies and automobile manufacturers along with the Federal Government do not want cars to get massive amounts of miles per gallon as our economy within our country and worldwide would fail quickly from loss of revenues if this were to happen so then something had to be done and quickly.  Our Federal Government considers this a National Security Issue as the loss of our economy would be our downfall.  That is why in some countries you can rent a car that gets 70 or 80 miles per gallon but if you try to bring that car into our country, the government will stop you.  And if you ask why, they will tell you that the car you have chosen fails emissions tests or the emissions are too bad.  But as people I have heard discussing this issue have proven, those cars emissions actually are much better than our cars in our country and when they take this data back to the government to prove they are lying, the individual working for the government might go off the record and explain exactly what I have just explained, that our economy is at stake and so that car is not allowed in our country.  Another true story I listened to online from a man who vacationed in Europe and tried to buy a duplicate car as his rental car to have it brought to the USA.  He was not able to accomplish it because our government stopped him.

Anyways, back to the story at hand.  He sat through the meeting listening to them plot and agree to hire a Hitman to send to South America to take out this inventor.  Afterwards he was upset.  He says that he sat through the meeting and refused to say anything as he knew if he did that he would be one of the ones that their Hitman would take out if he spoke up against their plans.  So, he explained, he quietly listened, then left, then waited a few months, then quietly resigned from the company and moved to Cushing, Oklahoma to find something different to do for a living because he could not be part of such nefarious undertakings.  Money wasn’t worth his soul he said.

Just going through that ordeal he wanted to tell someone though what he had experienced.  So when I asked him, he decided to share it with me.  I had known him for a few years and we were friends even though only social friends.  So he confided in me.  I have shared this story with others periodically, but I have left out his name.  In private I have shared the name of the Petroleum Company with others.  I just don’t want to put it in a public post.  No sense in throwing sticks at the wasp nest…<smile>…

But you know, this is not the first story of people claiming automobile manufacturers or oil company’s have purposely killed inventors of high miles per gallon intake systems for cars.  Fact is one inventor in Canada had claimed that he invented three carburetion systems.  One that got 150 miles per gallon in a 4 door Cadillac, one that got 250 miles per gallon in that same Cadillac, and one other that got 300 miles per gallon in that same Cadillac.  He even did press releases and owned patents on all three systems.  It was after his press release with a public demonstration that he received a phone call right afterwards.

He claims someone called and asked him to sell his patents to an automobile manufacturer.  He refused, explaining that he was going to go into production with the systems so that it would benefit humanity.  They hung up and then a few minutes later another person called, asked him if he had changed his mind about selling his patents.  The person on the phone told him he needed to sell for his own welfare and then hung up.  A few days later the same person called back asking him if he had changed his mind.  He told them no, he would not change his mind.

The voice on the phone told him that he needed to sell or things might get ugly.  He says he refused to sell still.  A few days later someone broke into his manufacturing facility and trashed it.  Stole his two systems of the 150 and 250 miles per gallon intake systems.  The only ones he had built yet for the patent, tests and press events.  He says that they didn’t get the 300 miles per gallon one because it was locked in the safe at home.  Then he received another call asking if he had changed his mind yet about selling his patents.  He told them no.  So they began explaining information about his children and his wife such as where the kids go to school and similar information about his wife and told him if he desired his family to remain safe that he would need to sell his patents.  When they did that it devastated him.  He then agreed to sell as he said he had over 70 patents on lots of things so those three were nothing to him in his success.  So he sold the patents and made a lot of money.  He says that he sold to an automobile manufacturer but in the deal he signed papers in which he could never outright name the automobile manufacturer which he sold the patents to.  He said it was a local Canadian company though.

So that is another story that I personally heard from the man online but not from Cushing, Oklahoma nor did I meet him or know him.

There are thousands of those types of stories online and in real life around us.  Just start asking people and sooner or later you will find someone with a crazy story that they experienced.

Stay tuned for my next story which will take us to Peru in South America…a family member told me a crazy story about aliens in the mountains of Peru right outside of Lima.  A family story which holds the light of secret truths within families….

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