Rancher watches metallic cigar shaped UFO slowly move along landscape…

As I have explained in the past, I began questioning nearly everyone I came in contact with for several years to find out how many had encountered unusual things or events in their lives. This is how I began to hear some of the strangest experiences by my local neighbors and friends.

One such friend which I had known for a few years was a rancher. A friend of my father’s which was well known as a solid member of our community. Not one to make up lies or fib about things, that’s for sure.

When I asked him if he had seen anything unusual in his life, he answered quickly without thinking. His story was about himself and one of his very close friends that was with him when it happened. So I got to question both of them as they were together when I asked him.

They were out in the fields dealing with ranch problems when one of them spotted a silver metallic colored cigar shaped object which they explained was moving very slowly as it hovered up a little bit over the trees in the fields. They estimated that it might be moving around 20 mph or less as it took a very long time to go very far. Fact is, he explained that it was moving so slow that he was able to jump in the truck and drive up to the house to get a scope and return to watch it through the scope so he could get a very close look at it.

He said it was shiny silver with a smooth surface. You could compare it to maybe stainless steel or something in color and texture. It was rather large also. It was definitely not a balloon or kite as it was solid looking and very stationary in its position as it moved. They claimed they watch it until it moved out of sight and then went on about their way as they had lots of ranch work to get to.

That was about all they had to say about it as it didn’t do anything other than just fly by very slowly. Nothing more to add.

Now I know there are many accounts of abductions and UFO sightings around the world. I even read a book of unusual facts which showed in San Francisco back in the 1800’s a large UFO which measured over a mile across hovered right over the city all day long. Thousands of individuals went to city hall and filed affidavits giving testimony to having witnessed this fact. One thing I can be assured of is that no country on earth as evolutionary humans had that type of technology at that time so it would be wise to consider that as evidence of aliens.

However, these days it appears that many of the supposed alien abductions might actually be humans posing as aliens and working with black ops projects. There are many stepping forward claiming to know details about these programs. They are explaining that our government and those working in those programs want the world populace to think ill thoughts about aliens so they play the roles of aliens that abduct, probe, run tests, and then send back home humans all over the world using technology that can mess with our memories and about anything they want to do to us. Then there are the stories of the aliens that are trying to help us but our government doesn’t want the kind of help they offer such as curing diseases or giving us free energy devices but instead only wants offensive and defensive weaponry. The lists of stories goes off into every conceivable field one can think of nearly. From positive to negative to neutral.

So we can only guess what is actually happening in our world. Yet I do have a book called ‘The Seventh Sense’ in which I answer some of these questions. That is a very powerful book. That book can actually assist each one to live a fear free life and unlock their potential of the extraordinary type. It’s actually on special right now for $2.99 on Amazon.com. It usually is $9.99 but it will be on special for a few more days. I’m also doing a giveaway currently so you can enter to win one also if you like…

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Stay tuned as I have many more stories about our world…tomorrow I will share a story of a man from right here in Cushing, Oklahoma that claims he witnessed Oil Company Executives as they discussed hiring a Hitman to take out an inventor in South America who refused to sell their Carburetion System Patent to them which allowed massive mpg for cars.

Available in paperback, ebook, and soon as an audio book…

Feel free to contact me if you have had unusual experiences or seen unusual things…

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