Cache of vehicles in middle of forest with military style netting

After 9/11 I began to ask most individuals that I interacted with if they had seen anything unusual in their life.  Since I had heard so many rumors surrounding 9/11 of the bizarre and strange and even had specific dreams before it happened about it.  In fact I believe I understand more about 9/11 than most people across the planet.  But I generally don’t discuss it as there is no good reason to do that.  I would just explain that I certainly do not for a minute believe the main stream story concerning what took place.  Most people will agree, our government and politicians generally are lying to us about nearly anything and everything.  Why do we think that?  It’s mostly because we have caught them in so many lies that we understand that they think they need to hide their true activities from us to the extent that they lie to us about pretty much everything.

But back to the story about a man who had recently done a job surveying a wilderness area in Oklahoma.  I asked him the question.  Have you ever seen anything strange or unusual?

The answer: Yes I have.

He began to tell me how he was paid to go deep into the southeast forest area of Oklahoma to survey an area there.  While surveying there he noticed hundreds of white SUV type vans under military netting.  Just sitting there.  Way off in the middle of nowhere.  He was a bit perturbed about it.  He thought it was very strange.  There could be no good reason to be hiding hundreds of white SUV’s in the middle of a forest.

This reminded me of stories of UN white SUV’s being sent to America and used in military operations in southern states where the military would use a town, clearing all residents from it first and then perform exercises pretending to take prisoners and chaining them in the UN white SUV’s.  Those participating in the exercises claimed when they looked inside of the UN SUV’s that there were ankle chains and such in the them.  Well, now there was an explanation for them after considering that.  They would want to hide them also if this is the case.  But that is just guessing but then again it was the only thing that made sense and they had been doing those exercises with UN white SUV type vans already.

I can’t think of any other reason to be hiding hundreds of White SUV’s in the middle of a forest, can you?…hehe…

Stay tuned tomorrow for another story…a local rancher told me a story which he swears is absolutely true about a large silver metallic cylinder cigar shaped hovering craft right here by Cushing, Oklahoma…this rancher and his family are well known in this area and no one, and I mean no  one, would ever accuse him of telling a lie…that’s for sure…

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