One of the JFK Assassins lives in Oklahoma, a tribal member…



I met a man in one of our local tribes here in Oklahoma who shared a family story with me.  He explained that his uncle was being questioned by the F.B.I. about his experiences back on the day that JFK was killed.

The F.B.I. was with his aunt and they were trying to get his uncle to come in and chat with them. Well, they were able to get him to come in as they explained they were not going to throw him back in prison as had been done to him before. He had been grabbed, thrown in prison without trial or even an attorney for a period of time and then one day suddenly released without any explanation. Of course he understood why as he claims he was recruited by the C.I.A. as a expert sharpshooter before JFK was assassinated.

He explained to me that his uncle lived off in the boonies here in  Oklahoma and if anyone trespassed on his land that he was known to kill them and dispose of the body without any questions being asked. Then it was explained why. Back in JFK’s day, his uncle had been recruited by the C.I.A. as he was one of the best marksman out there. He could shoot a fly off a cow at a hundred yards type of good. So after proving his metal to the C.I.A. they hired him. The story goes, he found himself in Texas on the day that JFK was assassinated and he was one of the shooters.

The F.B.I. asked him to explain his story and how he could have possibly gotten away. So he told them how he participated in the shooting then ran out the back of the building where Oswald was supposed to have shot from and down the back stairs and away before anyone could catch him. Well, the F.B.I. called him a liar right there as they claimed there was no back stairs as he described. He argued with the F.B.I. proclaiming that there was stairs there back in the day of the shooting. So the F.B.I. investigated the building design back in that day. To their surprise, there was a stairway there on that day but had since been removed. They took his uncles statement, then left, releasing him to go about his own way.

So, it appeared that the F.B.I. here in Oklahoma had found one of the assassins of JFK but decided not to share this information with the press or at least that is the story my newly found friend told to me.

I’m not sure if this information is true at all but it is a story told to me in recent years while I was visiting one of the local tribes working on  a project of our non-profit. So for all intents and purposes this story will have to remain fiction as I have made no attempts to verify it or follow through, it is just another interesting story one might find in their reality…<smile>…I have many…stay tuned for my next story told to me by a man who was hired to plot out property lines in a remote area here in Oklahoma and what he found there covered by military style cameo netting…

I’ll be set up at Outrun Games downtown Cushing tonight from 6pm to 9pm signing autographs, stop by and say hi…

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