Article on my upcoming release of “Growing UP Mayberry – Just the Facts”

A recent article detailing information about my soon to be released book called “Growing UP Mayberry – Just the Facts”.

Neil Shelton has gone through a horrendous experience in Mount Airy North Carolina.  It still continues in many ways.  I am in the middle of writing this story along with Neil Shelton.  Neil will be going to D.C. to participate in the Whistle Blowers Conference with our congressional leaders there in July, 2018.  Neil claims that Speaker Pro Tempore Sarah Stevens of the N.C. House of Representatives used illegal tactics to defame and abuse him in court over and over again. I listened to a recording of Sarah telling Neil she would destroy his life if he didn’t comply with her demands and then she denied saying this and if not for Neil recording it, her lie would have stood as fact against him.  But even with that in his favor, the judges he stood before had Sarah as their boss as she could remove them from the bench if she chose to as Pro Tempore Speaker of the house.  This made for a bad situation for the judges and Neil.

According to Neil Shelton, Sarah Steven’s team of attorneys which were employed by Neil’s wife during his divorce and custody hearings, at one point presented a note to the D.A. claiming Neil had mailed it to his wife.  It threatened to kill her and many others involved in the case.  Without actual due process of law Neil explains and shows proofs of how he was railroaded into jail as Sarah Stevens pushed forward with the note using the local D.A.’s office to prosecute Neil claiming the F.B.I. was investigating to see if Neil had wrote the note.  They kept Neil in jail for nearly a year continuing regularly to ask judges to hold him in jail while the F.B.I. continued their investigation of Neil claiming the F.B.I. was still investigating.

They held Neil in jail until they had stripped Neil’s assets fully and his wife had full custody of the kids with Neil not being able to properly defend himself in the divorce or custody hearings.  Once they accomplished all they wanted they allowed Neil to go free.  They ended up dropping all charges against Neil or Neil cleared his name.

Then Neil demanded hand writing samples and also filed for a freedom of information request from the F.B.I. along with getting testimony from the F.B.I. clearing his name about the note that Sarah Stevens used to illegally hold Neil in jail with for nearly a year.  Not only that but the F.B.I. claimed they had never been investigating Neil concerning that note at all which clearly showed the D.A.’s office lying on behalf of Sarah Stevens to keep Neil in Jail while she destroyed his life as she had threatened to do and luckily Neil had a recording of.  Under handwriting analysis, Sarah’s nephew Zachary, one of the lawyers representing Neil’s wife during the divorce who worked with Sarah Stevens was identified as the one writing the note which Sarah Stevens used to have Neil illegally held in jail for nearly a year while she destroyed Neil’s life, stripping him of his assets and giving his wife full custody of his children.

Once Neil got out of jail, someone tried to kill him and he was forced to flee the state.  Neil has to be very careful as he is pursuing charges in a Federal Court where Sarah will have no way to deny Neil justice against her and all those involved in the treachery against him.  All the heinous acts against Neil and there were many many others which we will be discussing in the book.

Neil could use any assistance financially if there are any that would like to help him continue his fight for justice and his need to gain back his rights as a father to see his children again.  Neil’s rights to even see his children are still being denied him by the courts in N.C. where even the court clerk’s offices were found to be illegally attempting to stop Neil from filing his lawsuits in the past.  Fox TV witnessed an event where they tried to have Neil arrested just for trying to file lawsuits against Sarah Stevens.  Which most aren’t aware but Sarah Stevens in her role in the N.C. House places her  in charge of that court house in specific methods.  So it is plain to see that a racket is taking place in N.C. in the court system and Sarah Stevens appears to be one of the major players according to Neil Shelton and the proofs he has provided.

The information within this article is based on Neil Shelton’s testimony and evidence provided in support of justice against Racketeering Practices in the USA.

A true story…a nightmare of epic proportions…

Help support Neil by preordering the book…contact me at for more information…

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