Encoding hidden within my stories…

Here is a recent post of mine which I placed on Goodreads message boards located at this internet address below…


Here is a copy of the message…

Hi everyone,
My name is Guy Lozier. I have over a dozen published books currently for sale on Amazon and other platforms. I love writing my stories but more than that I enjoy sharing my understanding of the potential of humanity by encoding knowledge within my story-lines.

There are many mysteries in the world which appear beyond the common person’s ability to experience yet for some of us whom have experienced the extra-ordinary many times, we have found ways to assist others to experience also. It is called self empowerment.

Yes there are methods to self empower others. Yes there are secrets about it but they are only secret if the one seeking to be self empowered holds to the path of duality. By having a willingness to forego the past methods of deceptions and open one’s mind to learning new things, one can become self empowered.

It’s not about sharing knowledge per say. It’s more related to assisting another to flower from within. Once the individual is self empowered by learning a few alignment techniques which disconnect the lines of programming of this holographic reality, it frees them to rise above the forest which was blocked by the tree they took as their reality. There are nearly an infinite amount of trees blocking the view to higher understanding of reality but there are methods which accelerate the process by assigning it to lower levels of the unconscious and super consciousness thereby creating a self empowered platform which operates of its own accords as designed by the self empowered individual.

I understand these things sound very complex, and they are. I, however, have brought forth simplicity as a means to assist others and free them from the time consuming needs to explore such things. There is no need to research physics or genetics or cosmogony when simply experiencing specific things and being self empowered to co-create reality which is approaching from the future can achieve the liberating effects of disentangling from the energetic lines of deceptive programming meant to control you.

So to support such things, I have encoded experiences into my stories which trigger hidden locks for others.

If you desire to take the accelerated tour of this trip, then pick up my book The Seventh Sense…


The link above goes to my website which shows a listing of my books. If you see a book listed there or even desire an audio book, please reach out to me instead of going to Amazon as I can supply you with them at a much reduced price. However, for those that desire to review my books on Amazon, which is a wonderful thing, please go to this link provided below.


Feel free to reach out to me personally to have a chat at my email listed below…


The most powerful book I have available which has wonderfully tremendous effects of change on those that read it and attempt to apply the knowledge shared in it is titled “The Seventh Sense”. There are no words of expression which we can display to share how wonderful it feels to become self empowered. This book gives tools to the individual which assist them to expand their consciousness, disentangle themselves from the control filaments of this holographic reality, learn how to co-create reality as it approaches, and many other wonderfully desired techniques towards self empowerment.

Don’t pass up your chance to gain what you have been seeking your whole life but has been kept from you in favor of controlling you. Your life plan was created for you to control you and you now have an opportunity to free yourself from another’s methods of controlling you and rewriting your future as you see fit which leads to more pleasant and harmonious events which are designed to free you from this Matrix we call Reality.

Pick up my book “The Seventh Sense”

The Seventh Sense 8 small
A true story whose purpose is to self-empower the individual to develop the seventh sense…

I can provide you a copy of this book at a much less expensive option than Amazon can so feel free to reach out to me at my email and I’ll provide a less expensive copy of the book and it will be Autographed also…<smile>…


or you can go to Amazon and pick up a copy there…


I also have some Hardback copies of some of my books on Barnes & Noble…



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