Dragon Destiny book one of The Great Dragon Series…


Dragon Destiny book one of The Great Dragon series
The Great Dragons can bring Death or Life Eternal…

Dragon Destiny is written from the ideas of Dungeons and Dragons.  So comes this adventurous tale of the impossible. Magic in all its glory and love in all its bounds. Nothing so fresh and purposeful will stir your heart to new heights of passion. Two Knights have been stripped of all their holdings and banished from the lands. The only way to restore their honor is to slay a dragon to the far Northern Lands, bring back its heart to give to the king. It is said that a dragon heart will endow one with eternal life. On the way to slay a dragon, Sir James falls in love with Mileka, an elf. Having been promised to the son of a god she must refuse to marry him. Sir James must face this god’s wrath to save the woman he loves. Then he must slay a dragon to restore his honor…Purchase your copy today…

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